Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fairwell Mom & Dad.....until we meet again :)

Everyone should know that our parents, Dennis and Mary Sparrow, are yet another another mission serving the Lord. They left on August 4th to the MTC where they stayed for 10 days before they left to their destination in Taiwan. They are serving in the capital, Taipei. We will miss them but know that they are serving the Lord and don't what they are supposed to be doing. They will be gone for 18 months and will return in December of 2009. They have planned a family reunion for when they get back which all of the siblings will attend which will first occur in Veil or Estes park (in Colorado). Then whomever wants to come to Hawaii will be there in July. So hopefully I will be there for my birthday :) that will be Will's second time in Hawaii and it will be my first. So we are excited to see them again.....soon. We get weekly e-mails from them telling everyone how they are doing and what has been happening. We can even talk to them on Skype when we are both awake since we are basically on opposite schedules :) We found out that they have a THREE bedroom who knows........maybe we will visit them in Taiwan :)

We love you and miss you Mom and Dad.

View the video above. It is Al (AKA "Fred"), Bre, Brit, Jen, Emmalee, Will, me, with a special appearance by Junior. We are all giving The Elders a message before they leave....even though they were present :) So you can meet most of the Sparrow family.

Friday, August 29, 2008


New Pictures

Grandma Sparrow's Funeral

This weekend we attended Grandma Sparrow's funeral in Logan, Utah. She passed away on Saturday the 23. We will miss here, but know she isn't far away. She has kept William in line and always pushed him to get married before he became an "old batch" and no one would want him. We have had many good memories when we visited Grandma. My favorite was when she asked me if "Will was good in bed?" and if "he moved around that much in bed?" She even managed to ask me infront of my new aunt, uncle, and parents-in-law. I had to admit that I was rather taken back, and Mary (my new mother) stated that she hasn't even asked me those questions.......yet :) We also loved to bring her treats.... her favorites were rice pudding and caramel corn. She would lick her lips as soon as we brought it in.

It was great to see everyone at the funeral. I even met people from Will's family that I had never met before. Jen, Al, and the girls even flew in from Atlanta to attend, as well as the Loosli family from Cali. It was great to have everyone together again.... I know that is exactly what Grandma wanted. The only people that weren't able to make it, were Mom and Dad which is understandable considering they are serving the Lord in Taiwan.

We will miss Grandma but we know she is in a better place and with her hubby that she has waiting a long time to see. We love you Glenda :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Here We Are!!

Hello everyone,
Lots of people have bugged us to get a "blogspot"so here it is! I don't really know what I am doing yet, so give me a couple months to have it looking nice and glamorous :)

Well let me update everyone to what Will and I are up to lately.
In case any of you didn't know, we moved to DOWNTOWN Salt Lake City! yeah buddy! we love it here. We were getting so sick of Logan. Will received the job he wanted at the IHC Balance Center where he will work for a year completing his residency. He does vestibular testing and all that fun stuff. He is really enjoying it there and the best part is... he gets paid! He works full-time Monday-Friday. Any other questions... feel free to ask :)

As for myself, I am currently completing an externship which is where I work as an SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) under another SLP. I have to complete 3 of these placements before I graduate next year. For my externship this summer, I am working in a Birth to Three program which is located in Midvale. I travel to different family homes and teach the parents how to communicate with their infant. We cover from the point of the mountain to Salt Lake City. I work Monday - Thursdays. I also have two other jobs to keep me busy. One is at an assisted living community which is about a block and a half from my work. I am a receptionist and CNA there. I also have a job at the Banana Republic which I am really excited about!

As for school, Will and I will both graduate in May of 2009 which is one year from now. It has been a long road for both of us and we will be so glad to finally be able to just work and not worry about going to school. We might even have a life then. My last semester of classes is Fall and I will only have school on Mondays and Tuesdays which is why we chose to move to Salt Lake (since I can travel to Logan and Will will be close to his work). We felt it was the right choice. On top of my class work, I will have to do another externship which will be in the public schools. I am hoping to receive one in a high school because I know that I will NEVER work in the elementary schools but we will have to see what I get. Then for my last semester, I will just be working as a full-time Speech Language Pathologist at a hospital. I don't know which one for sure, but I will keep you posted.

To answer everyone's question...... no I am not pregnant..... and we don't want to have kids until we are at least finished with school. I just wanted to get that out of the way. We are just enjoying each other and our new lives in SLC. We love when people come to visit :)